Farrelly Brothers join Michael Corrente at The JPT for Special 20th Anniversary Screening of "Outside Providence"

What started as just an event idea during a discussion between What’sUpNewp, Jane Pickens Theater, and Narragansett Beer recently, turned into a night that many movie fans will never forget.

What’sUpNewp co-hosts a series of “throwback films” at Jane Pickens Theater annually, during a recent conversation with Narragansett Beer, a primer sponsor of their 2019 movies, brought up the conversation of what movies they could show that included the famous ‘Gansett Tall Boy in the movie.

Enter Outside Providence, Jaws, etc.

It wasn’t soon after that What’sUpNewp and Jane Pickens Theater decided to show the 1999 classic Outside Providence for a fun 20th Anniversary Celebration and an ode to movies made in Rhode Island.

Fast forward to last night, where the Movie Director, entire writing team, author of the novel, cinematographer, and many who were responsible for the film surprised a sold-out audience at Jane Pickens Theater.

Director Michael Corrente was the only special guest to be announced for a q&a following the film, once his co-writers and friends Peter and Bobby Farrelly heard about the event, they decided to join in on the fun as well.

Add Richard Crudo, Cinematographer for the film and the movie set designer/the real-life characters/ and other members of the making of the film and it turned into a true 20th Anniversary celebration and party.

Corrente and The Farrelly Brothers took the time to shake hands and meet some of their adoring fans before the film started and while Justin Pomfret and The Travelling Wanna B’s entertained the crowd from the main stage.

Corrente could be heard talking to fans about other movies he’s made over the years, like Kingpin and Federal Hill. While Dumb & Dumber, Something About Mary, Me, Myself, & Irene fans couldn’t help but share their favorite memories and scenes of those films with The Farrelly Brothers.

Peter Farrelly, who just won 2 Oscars as Director of Green Book, was an excitement for many to see and received a thank you from many in the audience for his “Thank You to Rhode Island” recently from the Oscar stage.

Following the film, the sold-out crowd stuck around for a q&a hosted by Steven Feinberg, Executive Director of the RI Television & Film Office, with Corrente, the Farrelly Brothers, and Crudo.

For all of the gentlemen, this was the first time that they had seen the film in “15 to 20 years” and loved seeing the film once again on the big screen. “The movie has held up so well over the years,” all of them said at some point during the q&a.

The Farrelly Brothers and Corrente also gave fans a little hope, they answered an audience question and confirmed that they would love to work together again soon on a film, and even polled the audience to see how they would feel about a follow up to Outside Providence, that looks at what life 20-40 years down the road looks like for the characters.

Of course, the audience said they would love it.

By Ken Abrams - May 2, 2019/ What's Up Newp

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