Art House Theater Day

Art House Theater Day is our industry's very own celebration of the physical venues where film lovers can share in their mutual love of cinema. A very special all day event!

Art House Theater Day will celebrate the cultural role that The JPT plays in our community. We also plan to educate the public on a national scale about what it means to be an art house theater: fostering film appreciation, supporting emerging artists, and exhibiting independent and original filmmaking. Art House Theater Day (AHTD) is modeled after Record Store Day, a wildly successful consumer holiday that is a driving force behind the recent vinyl resurgence. With parties, live performances, and limited-edition items incentivizing massive attendance, Record Store Day reminds patrons of the vitality of their local record stores, and of the value of having a local, brick-and-mortar space to connect with music and their community. The Art House Convergence, an international consortium of independent, community-based, mission-driven movie theaters, is pleased to announce the first Art House Theater Day, taking place on Saturday, September 24, 2016. Over 160 theaters will participate in this nationwide celebration of the cultural and community growth that art house theaters promote.

Art House Theater Day
Saturday, September 24th, 2016

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