Are You All In? 

Join TELLNEWPORT at the historic Jane Pickens Theater & Event Center Newport, Rhode Island: Stories connect us. They bridge gaps and fill voids. Go All In and Join TELLNEWPORT for an evening of true stories told by real people. Humans have been sharing stories as long as they’ve been able to communicate. It’s how we learn and grow. Hear unscripted, moving narratives that touch on the universal themes of love and loss, hope and pain, and all the nuanced places in between. Be a part of the storytelling movement that aims to transcend the differences among us and create a sense of comfort and community as nothing else can.

Our storytellers will make you laugh, cry, cringe, and hopefully, feel a renewed sense of humanity. “This is empathy as entertainment,” says Jesse Stokes, creator of TELLNEWPORT. “TELLNEWPORT is the story between community and creativity.”

Our storyteller lineup includes Federica Cavallaro, Frank Fusaro, David Lewis, Katie Lynch-Morin, Rebecca Polan, and others.


About TELLNEWPORT: Created in 2017, TELLNEWPORT is a platform for members of the community to share their stories, connect with one another, and celebrate. We host monthly themed storytelling events at the Firehouse Theater in Newport, Rhode Island. Connect with us on Facebook @TELLNEWPORT.

This event at The JPT is a celebration of the one year anniversary of this new concept and will continue at The Firehouse Theater.