Our concept is that The JPT will pick a one night only film that ties to a theme usually on the first Tuesday of the month. Stoneacre Brasserie will add something special to their menu that ties to that theme for the evening. Sometimes it will be foodie films and sometimes just a good film on any topic. You will buy a ticket for the film only at www.janepickens.com and visit then Stoneacre before or after the film making your own food and drink choices. It will be a good chance to discuss the film with other movie-goers and just an excuse for a community gathering.

The 1985 film Tampopo as a 4K restoration:

The tale of an enigmatic band of ramen ronin who guide the widow of a noodle shop owner on her quest for the perfect recipe, Tampopo serves up a savory broth of culinary adventure seasoned with offbeat comedy sketches and the erotic exploits of a gastronome gangster. Sweet, sexy, surreal, and mouthwatering, Tampopo remains one of the most delectable examples of food on film.

Right up there with “Ratatouille” and “Big Night” when it comes to peerless movies about food, 
Wall Street Journal

Stoneacre Menu special menu additions for the evening look amazing: 

Tuna Confit with Avocado,

Ponzu & Pickled Ginger $14

Tempura Cauliflower with Togarashi Glaze & Scallion $14 

Miso-Glazed Pork Belly with Crispy Rice, Sunflower Shoots & Seeds $16

Crispy Whole Fish with Ponzu & Radish $19

Maitake Mushroom Ramen $16

Miso Broth, Asparagus, Egg, Radish, Scallion

Duck Udon $18





114 min