JUNE 5 - 11

One Ocean Tour is available for virtual screening June 5th to 11th 

This is an event we look forward to hosting every year .as the International Ocean Film Tour in our theater with big crowds.  Since that is not possible this year, please sign up to see it virtually and The JPT will receive 50% of the proceeds

You can sign up in advance and watch it anytime during that week 

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The program will be available at 5pm EDT on June 5.

One Ocean Film Tour is a compilation of the best films of the year about the ocean  World Ocean Day is June 8th

About the films:

THE GREAT WHALE- (12 min) "The Great Whale" tells the story of Michael Fishbach, a
dedicated and eccentric whale conservationist trying to save the future of the largest animal
ever to exist on Earth, the blue whale. With an estimated 10,000 left in our oceans, Michael is
lobbying shipping companies and governments to amend ship lanes that have proven to be
deadly to blue whales, making it impossible for this critically endangered species to thrive.

TIPPING POINT- (11 min) Three young adventurers take a journey that would test their mental,
physical and emotional capabilities to the limit. In March 2018 they sailed out of South Africa
for the sub-Antarctic Kerguelen Islands. Also known as the Desolation Islands, they are some
of the most isolated islands on the planet. Ten days out of Kerguelen, their worst fear became a

CRUISE SHIPS IN MONTEREY BAY- (10 min) Beginning in 2017, a group of environmental
activists began organizing against the visitation of cruise ships in the Monterey Bay, where
many locals are worried an accident might occur that would have major implications for the
health of the National Marine Sanctuary. The multi billion dollar international industry of cruise
ships has exhibited a poor track record for decades on environmental law compliance, often
pumping out contaminated waters and dumping trash in restricted ocean spaces, including
local Sanctuary waters in years past. The industry also represents an enormous source of fossil
fuel consumption and emissions, which activists feel is out of touch with the realities of
environmental conservation and protection.

UN-TRASHING DJULPAN- (25 min) With marine plastic pollution having devastating
consequences on oceans and coastlines around the world, Sea Shepherd Australia is shining a
light on how this increasing environmental issue is affecting mainland Australia.

KALANI- GIFT FROM HEAVEN - (25 min) For the past three years, filmmaker Nuno Dias has
been busy capturing the life of one of the most enigmatic characters in all of big wave surfing,
Kalani Lattanzi. Filmed in Nazaré and Rio de Janeiro, this documentary portrays the Brazilian
waterman’s journey from his home country to bodysurfing Nazaré.


To screen this film reserve here and support The JPT.
The program will be open  and available starting at 5pm EDT on June 5.






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