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07/07/07 Amorita's Unlucky Day: Premiere SOLD OUT

June 26


6:30pm reception 7:00pm screening

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SOLD OUT  SOLD OUT   SOLD OUT   SOLD OUT  SOLD OUTFrom the director of Taberly Pierre MarcelPremiere Screening Tuesday June 26th

Fund raiser to benefit Sail Newport and the JPT

$20 for members of Sail Newport or the Friends of the JPT
$25 for non members


Reception: 6:30pm

Screening: 7:00pm (1 hour film)

Q & A with Pierre Marcel, the filmmaker

the owners of Amorita Jed Pearsall & Bill Doyle   Over 100 years ago legendary yacht designer Nathaniel Herreshoff created what many consider to be the most perfect class of racing yachts ever built– the New York 30’s. These 18 identical sister ships were not the biggest, the most expensive, or the fastest ever made, yet this magical fleet of 44ft wooden racing yachts soldiered on, sailing and competing for not just decades, but for over a century past their prime. While nearly all boats of her era eventually succumbed to neglect, rot, and destruction, Amorita’s 107 year history is filled with stories of sailors who have been touched by her magic, going to extraordinary lengths to care for and protect this beloved little yacht. She has outlived most of her dozen or so owners, and overcome more heart-wrenching experiences in her century than any object could ever expect to endure. July 7th, 2007 should have been one of Amorita’s luckiest days, racing alongside 15 other classic wooden yachts in perfect weather and smooth seas off Newport, Rhode Island. But instead, the day culminated in a horrific crash with a yacht more than twice her size- an accident that by all accounts should have killed 10 sailors and ended Amorita’s century old history. While Amorita was literally ripped apart and sunk to the bottom of the ocean in mere seconds, her crew was miraculously unhurt. 07-07-07 certainly should, and could have been the end of Amorita’s story. Yet, the unmistakable siren's song of this yacht again brought rational men to act with sheer irrational emotion. What happens next will touch your heart and open your mind to appreciate anything in your life that has meant so much, held so much sentiment, that nothing could stop you from saving it.

TOURO street, newport rHODE ISLAND

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